Signature dining options based on the local cuisine

  Participating at ATM for the fifth consecutive year, Roseate Hotels Resorts will showcase its offerings and services to industry professionals and discerning travellers from around the world. The Roseate Ganges also has a temperature-controlled infinity swimming pool overlooking the surrounding valley.

  We are looking forward to using this knowledge to fuel our plans to enter the Middle East market imminently. The Roseate Villa houses 21 rooms with exclusive features. Roseate House New Delhi is proud to be accredited with a Leed Gold certification. Inspired by the five elements of Hindu philosophy air, water, fire, earth and sky, internationally acclaimed architect Khun Lek Bunnag designed The Roseate New Delhi. The Roseate conserves its eternal tranquil environment for its guests. Inside, each dwelling possesses classic Victorian furniture and original oil paintings from the era, personally handpicked and curated by Jonty Hearnden, antiques expert, appraiser and presenter of BBC’s Antiques Roadshow and Cash in the Attic.

  Signature dining options based on the local cuisine and a comprehensive menu of spa and yoga services ensure a memorable stay experience for guests seeking physical, mental and spiritual wellness. Located in Shivpuri, the luxury retreat overlooking the Ganges glorifies the yoga capital of the world, Rishikesh. The group’s presence in the United Kingdom includes Roseate House London, The Roseate Reading and The Roseate Villa Bath. 30 minutes from the business hubs of Gurugram and Delhi, 20 minutes from the Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi and 2 minutes walking distance to the Aerocity metro station, the hotel renders a contrasting respite from the city’s hustle-bustle.

  Roseate House New Delhi also offers a host of meeting spaces. The hotel elevates the most characteristic of British dining traditions with the Afternoon Tea at the Hyde Bar. The hotel prides itself on its attention to detail, an attitude that is realized from the hotel personnel to the facilities available to make your stay cherished and memorable. Ankur Bhatia, Executive Director, Bird Groupsaid, “Our resorts are synonymous with luxury and The Roseate Ganges is a true embodiment of this.Within India, the group has two properties situated in Delhi The Roseate New Delhi and Roseate House New Delhi and a recently unveiled luxury retreat in Rishikesh The Roseate Ganges.THE ROSEATE GANGES, RISHIKESHLaunch marks the sixth hotel for the Indian boutique luxury hotel brand, which continues to build portfolio of hotels targeted at affluent regional and international travellersRoseate Hotel and Resorts will use knowledge of Middle East travelers’ preferences to “fuel plans to enter the Middle East market imminently”New Delhi, May 02, 2019: Roseate Hotels Resorts, a global collection of boutique luxury hotels by Bird Hospitality, announces the launch of its sixth hotel: The Roseate Ganges, Rishikesh, at ATM Dubai 2019 from 28 April – 1 May wholesale ceramic alkali pump Manufacturers 2019. Roseate House New Delhi offers an array of dining experiences to its guests through its fine dining options: Chidiya Ghar, an old school bar; DEL an all-day bistro; Kheer offers Indian cuisine par excellence with a modern edge; Tara an open rooftop Japanese lounge; Roasted by Roseate, the hotel’s in-house patisserie and boulangerie. The exquisite retreat propounds 16 well-appointed villas, each opening to a private balcony looking over the Ganga valley and the forest. The resort possesses intricate bronze meshwork in the guest areas, over 20 ft high doors, high dome ceilings and Isfahan pillars fused with a five century old Moghul architecture personifying.

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